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Frequently Answered Questions

Which servers currently work with the stats system?

See the list of active servers.

I registered a server, but it doesn't seem to be appear in the list of servers. Why is that?

Freshly registered servers need to be made active by an admin. Inactive servers still report stats to the backend, but these stats are not counted or shown on the website until the server is active.

I am server admin and my server appears in the active servers list, but it doesn't report to the backend. Why?

Make sure you server sticks to the Server rules.

Make sure you downloaded configuration file from the server config interface, placed it in mods/fh2 folder and restarted the server. This file must be readable by the Battlefield 2 server process. You can download config for your server after you login here.

Progress page states that I meet requirements for certain theatre or historic medal but it isn't shown on my profile. Why?

Those awards are calculated every few hours. Your awards should appear on your profile soon.

I am new player/created new account and played few rounds today, but my profile page shows all my statistics at 0. Why?

Statistics are calculated every few hours. Your profile should be updated soon.

How is my ranking position calculated?

Your ranking position is based on 'FH2 Points' (you can see them in the statistics section of your profile). However, the formula for calulating those points is secret. All you should know is that both your skill and teamplay is rewarded.


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