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Alam Halfa 642915Germany
Anctoville 1944 642110Germany
Anctoville 1944 1611Great Britain
Bardia 642416Italy
Bastogne 645337Germany
Battle Of Brest 644221Germany
Battle Of Keren 6444Italy
Battle Of Keren 3211Italy
Crete 1941 643314Germany
El Alamein 644328Germany
Eppeldorf 647559Germany
Eppeldorf 3221Germany
Eppeldorf 1610Germany
Falaise Pocket 644626Germany
Fall Of Tobruk 643218Germany
Gazala 644629Germany
Giarabub 643920Italy
Giarabub 3211Italy
Giarabub 1611Italy
Hurtgen Forest 3211Germany
Hurtgen Forest 643421Germany
Lebisey 643418Germany
Lebisey 1611Germany
Mareth Line 643122Germany
Mersa Matruh 64133Germany
Meuse River 3211Germany
Meuse River 645433Germany
Mount Olympus 6482Germany
Mount Olympus 1610New Zealand
Operation Aberdeen 6462Germany
Operation Cobra 644424Germany
Operation Goodwood 644427Germany
Operation Hyacinth 641813Italy
Operation Hyacinth 1611Italy
Operation Luttich 643330Germany
Operation Totalize 645836Germany
Pointe Du Hoc 644332Germany
Port En Bessin 644117Germany
Purple Heart Lane 1621Germany
Purple Heart Lane 643317Germany
Ramelle 642315Germany
Sidi Bou Zid 6410Germany
Sidi Rezegh 1611Germany
Sidi Rezegh 64188Germany
Siege Of Tobruk 3211Germany
Siege Of Tobruk 642210Germany
St Lo Breakthrough 643421Germany
St Lo Breakthrough 32188Germany
St Lo Breakthrough 1611Germany
St Vith 6420Germany
Supercharge 3211Great Britain
Supercharge 643928Germany
The Battle For Sfakia 643425Germany
Tunis 1943 1611Germany
Tunis 1943 64112Germany
Villers Bocage 642219Germany
Villers Bocage 3210Great Britain
Vossenack 1611Germany
Vossenack 642012Germany
Vossenack 3210Germany

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