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Register Server

Registering your server means it can report statistics to the system, and that players on it will receive awards during play.

Servers which report statistics must follow the server rules to ensure a level battlefield.

There is no point in registering the server if you're not a server admin, as enabling the awards requires access to server files. Moreover, servers that never reported to backend within 10 days after registeration will be automatically removed.

Server Information

Public name of server. Should be close to the value of sv.serverName.

Server address. Should be address that players connect to.

Game server port. Default is 16567.

Game Spy query port. Should be identical to value of sv.gameSpyPort.
Manager Information

Required. 30 characters or fewer. Letters, numbers and @/./+/-/_ characters
You will be emailed a password to log into the server administration interface.

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